News for the Week (9/28/2018)

Netherlands Group Sets Out to Clean Up the Pacific

The organization “The Ocean Cleanup,” has launched one of its ocean cleaning machines into the Pacific to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. System 001, they call it, is the world’s first ocean cleanup system. Follow this link to learn more and watch a live stream: Link

Ocean Cleanup

Japanese Scientists Produce an Incredibly Strong Magnetic Field in a Lab

Researchers at the University of Tokyo created a magnetic field stronger than they were hoping for and blew the doors off their laboratory. They generated the strongest controlled magnetic field in a lab of 1,200 Tesla, damaging their lab in the process. For reference, a medical MRI machine produces a magnetic field of about 2 Tesla. To see a video of the lab “exploding”, click here.

Link to the journal article: Link


Common Pesticide is Found to Hurt Bees

The most-used pesticide ever, glyphosate, also known as RoundUp, has been found to harm honey bees by destroying good bacteria in their guts. This is the same mechanism by which glyphosate harms humans. (Click here for a link)

honey bee

Large Drug Policy Change Coming to North America

Canada voted to legalize cannabis. The law goes into effect on 17 October, 2018. This marks the second country to legalize cannabis across the world. Uruguay was the first. Even though 9 US states and D.C. have legalized it, federal law still forbids it.


Two Rovers Explore an Asteroid for the First Time Ever

Japan sent two rovers to explore the asteroid, Ryugu, marking the first time any nation has put a rover on an asteroid. These rovers hop around the surface, instead of driving, because the terrain is so rocky and the gravity so low. They can reach heights of 50 ft off the surface and stay afloat for 15 minutes. (Click here for a link)

Minerva II.jpg

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