Bee Colonies Growing in Michigan

The number of bee colonies in Michigan are up 50% since 2018. This is significant because for the last 20 years, the number of bee colonies in Michigan were in decline. The pollination that bees provide are necessary in order to grow many types of fruits and other foods for human consumption. “The leading cause in declining populations is believed to be exposure to pesticides, insecticides, parasites, and pathogens, as well as limited sources of nectar and pollen.” (Link)

Image Source: Pxfuel

China Sets Target of Carbon Neutrality by 2060

China, the largest producer of greenhouse gases, gave itself a target to be carbon neutral by 2060. Carbon neutrality is a strategy that aims to balance carbon dioxide emissions with carbon removal, and may be an effective mechanism to improve air quality. This would be especially significant for many Chinese citizens who live with regular, high levels of air pollution. Seven of the ten cities with the most air pollution worldwide are found in China. (Link)

City with pollution
Image source: City University of Hong Kong

Airbus Debuts Hydrogen-Powered Airplane

Airbus presented three concept planes that would produce zero-emissions. All three concept planes rely on hydrogen stored in onboard tanks as the fuel source and use modified gas-turbine engines. Using hydrogen as a fuel source produces water as a byproduct, instead of carbon dioxide (CO2). According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, the aviation industry was responsible for 2.4% of the total CO2 emissions globally in 2018. (Link) The three concept planes include a turbofan design with a range of 2,000 miles, a turboprop design with a range of 1,000 miles, and a blended-wind body design. (Link)

Airbus blended wing concept. Image Source: Airbus