What is Upside Up Life?

Upside Up Life is a website I started in order to share my thoughts and experiences on a variety topics, some of which include:

  • Uplifting news
  • Life and the human experience,
  • Health and diet,
  • Technology and futurology,
  • How things work,
  • The mind, mental health and spirituality,
  • Music and art.

Some of the core values I aim to incorporate into my writings include:

  • the importance of having a positive and uplifting outlook on life,
  • a commitment to health and wellness,
  • truth and honesty,
  • a continued growth of consciousness,
  • embracing creativity,
  • the importance of self-worth
  • a strong sense of hope for the future.

The website’s front page functions like a blog with all posts listed in reverse chronological order. The menu button will take you to subpages of the topics listed above and will host featured articles and posts.


-MK Gus