Concerning the Singularity and the New World Order

A good friend of mine and I were engaged in a conversation on possible outlooks for the future of the 21st century. In sharing our possible optimistic outcomes, we got on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and how to use technology to improve the human condition. Futuristic topics like these often seem to get into the issue of what the technological singularity may look like and what might be meant by the phrase “The New World Order.”

Our conversation wrapped up with the following 3 text messages that I’d like to share here, due to both their novelty and their alignment with some of this site’s core values (Link) such as: the importance of having a positive and uplifting outlook on life, a continued growth of consciousness, embracing creativity, and a strong sense of hope for the future. My friend gave me kind permission to repost their words here while wishing to remain anonymous and preferring the pseudonym: “Brain in a Vat.”

Me: Lately, I’ve been thinking of what a New World Order and the singularity might look like. The idea everyone talks about is a dystopian world where big money rules and freedoms are gone. However, I think it will be different. Much different. I can easily foresee a world where the people are the singularity and the architects of the New World Order. Example: Jeff Bezos and Amazon does something the people don’t like. In unison they organize a mass boycott and send Amazon’s stock price down. In order to correct this, Amazon changes their behavior and the people let up on the boycott. This is already possible through social media but I think humanity still needs to raise its level of consciousness another step.

Brain in a Vat: Something where interconnectivity hits critical mass and the weight of consensus makes the decisions? We would act as some kind of hive mind. That IS interesting to think about.

Me: Exactly.

Hopefully we will hear more from Brain in a Vat in the future.

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