What Does the World Need More Of?

A friend of mine recently shared this with me. He wanted to ask the question “What does the world need more of?” After a Google search, he found this answer on the Quora website: Link

The author goes on:

“We need bass players on construction sites, nail guns firing in tempo.

Just imagine that for a second. A house is going up. The workers are using their tools as percussion instruments, keeping time, adding their own beats —individual rhythms, but in cohesion. And then…a walking bass line starts up…a piccolo or tin whistle cuts in, beginning the melody of the day… (what else would carry over the cacophony of a construction site?) No, they’re not playing anything you’ve ever heard before. There is no composer, no author, nor recording they’re trying to emulate. It will only be played once. In this moment…can you hear it? Would you want to be part of that crew or a member of their ‘audience’?”

…there’s too many households without music… Without music, everything becomes discordant chaos.

So here’s your reminder you make some music today: sing a song, look dumb dancing in your kitchen, or simply turn off the TV and put some of your favorite music on.

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