Using Drones to Plant 500 Billion Trees

A UK company, Dendra Systems, is working towards planting 500 billion trees by 2060 by dropping seeds via airborne drones. Since the drones can selectively plant, the researchers can deliberately create ecosystems of trees that are right for the environment and local land features, and can also get to hard-to-reach places.

“The WWF estimates we’re losing 27 football fields of forest every minute due to deforestation.

A drone can plant two trees per second, according to UK tech company Dendra, which is aiming to “re-green” the planet.

Dendra estimates it would take just 400 teams of two drone operators, with 10 drones per team, to plant 10 billion trees each year – and at a much lower cost than the traditional method of planting by hand.

The target is to plant 500 billion trees by 2060, in often hard-to-reach places.

Susan Graham, CEO of Dendra Systems, says, “The challenge that we’re tackling is a complex one and working with a team of passionate engineers, plant scientists, drone operators, we came up with this idea to use automation and digital intelligence to plant billions of trees.””

To read more, click here: Link

To see a minute long video, click here: Link

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