2019 Was Likely the Best Year Ever for Humanity

As we enter the 20s, it’s easy to look back at the last decade and think about all the things that went wrong, but it’s important we recognize all the things that went right. In the grand scheme of things, the world just keeps getting better and better. In fact, 2019 may very well have been the best year ever so far in all of human existence. For example: “Every single day in recent years, another 325,000 people got their first access to electricity. Each day, more than 200,000 got piped water for the first time. And some 650,000 went online for the first time, every single day.” Literacy rates continue to climb, and the percentage of the population living in extreme poverty just keeps dropping. I’m eager to see what 2020 brings.

Click here to read more: Link.

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