Washington Senate Passes ‘Washington Privacy Act’

The act will give rights to consumers in matters concerning the collection and selling of personal information by businesses. Some of these rights include:

◦ Right to Information: confirm whether personal data is being processed and sold.
◦ Right of Access: provide the consumer access to personal data being collected and sold.
◦ Right of Rectification: correct inaccurate personal data.
◦ Right of Deletion: delete personal data.
◦ Right of Restriction: refrain from processing personal data.
◦ Right of Portability: transfer personal data to another controller.
◦ Right of Objection: refrain from processing personal data when:
▪ The controller is using personal data for direct marketing purposes; or
▪ Any other purpose provided that the controller cannot demonstrate a “compelling legitimate ground” to continue processing.
◦ Right against Automated Decision-making: refrain from making decisions using profiling concerning legal and similarly significant affects (e.g., those related to financial services).
• Transparency: provide a privacy notice.
• Facial Recognition Technology: employ “meaningful human review” if using facial recognition technology to profile upon which decisions producing legal or similarly significant effects are made (e.g., those related to housing). (Link)

The Washing Privacy Act would be the 2nd of its kind, with California having passed a similar act. The Act heads to the Washington state Senate.

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