News for the Week (1/18/2019)

Google’s Data Centers will Run on 100% Carbon Free Energy

Google is building new data centers in Tennessee and Alabama and wants them to run on 100% renewable energy. In order to accomplish this, Google will purchase solar energy output from nearby solar farms from 1.6 million solar panels. (Link)

Image Credit: Google

Saturn’s Rings Are Young

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft plunged between Saturn and its rings and collected data on the age of its rings. Scientists determined that the rings formed 100 million years ago. While this may seem like a long time ago, both dinosaurs and mammals were on the Earth when Saturn’s rings formed. For reference, the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. This means Saturn has had these rings for only 2% of the Earth’s lifespan. (Link)

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

Book Sales are Up, as are Physical Book Sales

In the UK and the United States, book sales are rising. In the US, physical book sales have increased every year since 2013. (Link)

Image Credit: Reuters

Guardian Newspaper Wrappings to be Made from Potato Starch

The Guardian will now wrap its newspapers in material made from potato starch, instead of polyethylene. These new wrappings are compostable and will biodegrade. There are plans to roll this out in all of the UK in the coming months. (Link)

Image Credit: BBC

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