First-Ever Permanently Magnetic Liquid Created

“The team then placed the millimeter-size droplets near a magnetic coil to magnetize them. But when they took the magnetic coil away, the droplets demonstrated an unseen behavior in liquids — they remained magnetized. (Magnetic liquids called ferrofluids do exist, but these liquids are only magnetized when in the presence of a magnetic field.) (Link)

Image Credit: Xubo Liu et al./Berkeley Lab

Principles of a Healthy Diet

In order to achieve and maintain optimal health, one’s diet should be of primary concern. People can thrive on a wide variety of diets. There are certain principles that can apply to all eating styles that will enhance the overall nutritional state of the body. Some of these principles include:

1) Eat unprocessed (or minimally processed) whole foods that are nutrient dense.

2) Regularly consume fruits and vegetables you enjoy eating. Eat some cooked and some raw.

3) Eat grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes that have been properly prepared.

4) Eat a diet with plenty of enzymes. Enzymes are easily destroyed by cooking or processing.

5) Eat some foods that are high in fat-soluble vitamins: A,D,E and K.

6) Eat plenty of healthy fats. Avoid processed, refined or damaged fats.

7) Eat a moderate amount of protein. Ensure proteins aren’t damaged by heat or processing.

8) Eat high quality carbohydrates. Avoid processed grains and sugars. Don’t overeat simple sugars.

9) Animal products should be of the highest quality and come from animals that are wild-caught or pasture-fed with plenty of access to fresh air, sunlight and greenery on which to graze.

10) Eat some fermented foods.

11) Get fiber through high-quality plant sources.

12) Eat some salt. Salt should be unrefined.

13) Exercise. While not technically a dietary principle, exercise is vitally important because it amplifies all of your dietary efforts by helping move nutrients throughout your body, clearing out cellular waste products, and by improving digestion and cellular metabolism.

In a future article, each of these principles will be expanded upon for clarity. To read a complimentary article on dietary dangers, click here.

Washington Senate Passes ‘Washington Privacy Act’

The act will give rights to consumers in matters concerning the collection and selling of personal information by businesses. Some of these rights include:

◦ Right to Information: confirm whether personal data is being processed and sold.
◦ Right of Access: provide the consumer access to personal data being collected and sold.
◦ Right of Rectification: correct inaccurate personal data.
◦ Right of Deletion: delete personal data.
◦ Right of Restriction: refrain from processing personal data.
◦ Right of Portability: transfer personal data to another controller.
◦ Right of Objection: refrain from processing personal data when:
▪ The controller is using personal data for direct marketing purposes; or
▪ Any other purpose provided that the controller cannot demonstrate a “compelling legitimate ground” to continue processing.
◦ Right against Automated Decision-making: refrain from making decisions using profiling concerning legal and similarly significant affects (e.g., those related to financial services).
• Transparency: provide a privacy notice.
• Facial Recognition Technology: employ “meaningful human review” if using facial recognition technology to profile upon which decisions producing legal or similarly significant effects are made (e.g., those related to housing). (Link)

The Washing Privacy Act would be the 2nd of its kind, with California having passed a similar act. The Act heads to the Washington state Senate.

News for the Week (2/8/2019)

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