A Note on Overcoming Covid-19

As we are coming out of this covid-related situation, please keep in mind the healthy balance between freedom, rights, and government policies. The last thing we need coming out of this is less rights, less freedoms and more fascism. Cell phone contact tracing? Sure, but there must be an opt out feature for privacy concerns. Whatever medicine or vaccine big pharma will try to sell us based on what their investors and boards determine is profitable enough to bring to market? Sure, but it’s consumption must remain voluntary. If people should be taking it and aren’t, the solution is better education not more fascism by means of mandatory medicines. It is a human rights violation to perform medical procedures without the consent of the patient. “Immunity passports?” That’s a maybe. Again it needs to be voluntary, not mandatory. I think a lot of this stuff is common sense, but what I see on the TV and in the news sometimes makes me worry a bit. I know things may seem slightly out of control now, but what we don’t need to do is tear up the Constitution and throw away our hard-fought rights in order to gain an illusion of safety. If we keep our heads on straight, and don’t panic we’ll be just fine. Stay healthy out there.

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